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Well, pumps, like any other equipment, can malfunction over time. The pumps can produce unusual noises, break down frequently, or deliver water at a lower pressure. This is where a well pump service from Quality Plumbing Solutions comes in handy.
Our plumbers will diagnose your water pump and fix underlying issues so it can easily extract underground water. Discover the causes of well pump failure and tell tales of signs of a system that needs servicing.

What Causes Well Pump Malfunctioning?

Well pumps often malfunction due to wear and tear of seals, motor brushes, bearings, and electrical connections. Wear and tear occur due to age, continuous operation, and friction between moving parts.
Other common causes of well pump failure include the following:
  • Sediment buildup. Over time, your well pump's housing, impellers, and other components accumulate sand, silt, clay, and other debris. The sediment buildup increases friction, accelerating wear on moving parts. The sediment can also clog pipes, reducing the pump's efficiency in delivering water to your property. 
  • Electrical faults. Wiring faults, motor problems, or power supply irregularities are other leading causes of well pump failure. For instance, loose connections can cause electrical shorts, leading to motor burnout or overheating.
  • Corrosion. With time, a well pump's metallic components corrode, like the pump housing, impeller, shaft, and motor casing. The corrosion makes the mentioned parts vulnerable to wear and tear, weakening structural integrity.

Tell Tale Signs That You Need A Well Pump Service

Many individuals schedule well pump servicing when their pump fails. However, you don't have to wait until the point of complete failure to request a well-pump service. Instead, you should call your plumber at Quality Plumbing Solutions whenever you notice the following telltale signs.

1. Unusual Noises from The Well Pump

Clanking, grinding, or rattling sounds from your well pump are clear indicators of a pump that needs service. The noises could be worn-out bearings, loose components, or mechanical strain from incorrect well pump installation. This fault needs prompt repair to prevent further damage to your well pump.

2. Frequent Cycling

Frequent cycling, where your well pump turns on and off several times, is another indicator for a unit that needs a well pump service. The cycling could be due to a faulty pressure switch, sediment buildup within the pump, or a damaged check valve. These factors, left unattended, can damage the well pump completely.

3. Decreased Water Pressure

A noticeable decrease in water pressure is another unmistakable sign that your well pump requires servicing. The low pressure results from various problems like sediment buildup within the pump, a failing pump motor, or a faulty pressure tank.

4. An Increase in Utility Bills

When your well pump malfunctions, supplying your home with enough water consumes more power. As such, if you notice an increase in energy bills and cannot account for them, servicing your well pump could help lower the bills.

5. Air Sputtering

Air sputtering is another sign of a faulty water pump. This issue manifests as irregular spurts of air mixed with the water from your faucets. Mainly, this issue occurs when there are leaks in the water lines or the check valve is malfunctioning.

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