Ensure that you never suffer Another Cold shower


Electric water heaters

  • A 6-year warranty is included with your purchase of an electric water heater.
  • Standard 50-gallon size, or larger 80-gallon size for large families, homes, or whirlpool tubs
  • All installations include an expansion tank, as well as a concrete house-keeping pad.


Gas water heaters

  • Same great 6-year warranty
  • Standard direct chimney vent water heaters, or power-vent water heaters which vents through the wall where no chimney is available
  • Available in 40, 50, or 70-gallon standard sizes
  • All of our installations include an expansion tank.


On-demand tankless heaters

  • Energy saving on-demand water heaters offer economical hot water for your family.
  • Enjoy an unending supply of hot water.
  • Great warranties! Rinnai offers a 10-year, no-leak heat exchanger warranty. Eternal offers a 15-year, no-leak heat exchanger warranty.